Water Resistant Wet/Dry Bag

Water Resistant Wet/Dry Bag


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Water Resistant Wet/Dry Bag

This bag is perfect for your next trip to the beach, pool, or even the gym. The lining on these bags is water resistant so you can throw the wet bag in another bag and be assured your things will stay dry. Use it for your sunscreen or other "wet" essentials while at the beach. Use it for your wet swimsuit + goggles after a good swim. Use it for your sweaty undergarments after a great workout.

So many ways to use a wet bag - which also makes it a great gift! This pouch is made from sailcloth canvas + PUL water resistant lining + YKK metal zipper.

Sizing: 9.5 x 9.5 Use a water resistant bag for:

- cloth nappies/diapers (this size fits approx. 5-6)

- toilet training accidents

- messy baby clothes

- bathers/ swim suit

- toiletries