Handmade Floral Heartshaped Ceramic Catchall

Handmade Floral Heartshaped Ceramic Catchall


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Handmade Floral Round Ceramic Catchall

Each heart is handmade using stoneware clay with hand drawn flowers and 22k gold covering the top side of the dish surrounding the flower. No two dishes are alike. Approximate measurements are 2"-3".

Food safe. Hand wash recommended and no microwave due to the gold.

Nicole Hsieh is an accomplished ceramicist and a public school art teacher who has made handmade pottery for over 25 years in San Francisco, California. Each piece is unique with hand drawn flowers made to look reminiscent of another time. Pieces look like they were unearthed and from a lost generation, timeless and not of this era, a heirloom in the making.