Louis Vuitton City Guide Los Angeles

We are honored to be featured in the the 2019 Louis Vuitton Los Angeles City Guide list of Hot Spots. Since 1998, Louis Vuitton City Guides have established themselves as the ultimate travel companions, bringing to life the world's most fascinating cities for business and leisure travelers alike. To capture the spirit of each city, Louis Vuitton reaches out to journalists, writers and major figures in the world of art and letters, whose contributions -together with those of artists, businesspeople and creative talents from many fields - make each City Guide a publication like no other.

Louis Vuitton City Guide Los Angeles

An original view on cities worldwide

With an established catalogue of 30 cities, in both print and digital version, the LOUIS VUITTON CITY GUIDE has establish itself as the indispensable companion to the discerning traveler.

Louis Vuitton City Guide Los Angeles

Los Angeles Paper Edition

The Los Angeles Paper edition is available in French and English in Louis Vuitton stores, on louisvuitton.com and bookstores and concept stores. $42.00

The spirit of the city guide, for iPhone.

Travelers can access the essence of the City Guide in this digital incarnation, allowing for many experiential options, snapshots of life, excavated treasures.

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The Louis Vuitton City Guide App is a complete catalog of the Maison’s travel guides to the most fascinating cities, from Paris to Shanghai (free access for a limited time only).