ViX by Paula Hermany

As one of the first brands to introduce luxury swimwear to women in the United States, Paula Hermanny continues to be a leader & visionary since the brand's inception in the early 2000s. For 20  years, the ViX brand has mastered the art of tastefully combining exquisite prints, colors, fabrics and unique details hand-crafted in Brazil to create a collection of swim, resort wear & accessories.  Along with these unique details in the collection, exceptional fit, flattering silhouettes and quality have become a distinguishing factor to the brand.

From her humble beginnings growing up at the beach in Brazil, she had always envisioned creating her own swim and resort wear collection, opening her own retail stores and growing her brand to be recognized globally one day.

"My designs are inspired by the Brazilian culture and making women feel empowered and self-confident. I want every woman who wears ViX to feel that confidence - it's not about looks, it's about how you feel inside and out. I grew up watching my mother be so independent, always working to build her own life and that has inspired me in my endeavors. It has been an amazing journey building ViX over the years as a woman-run, woman-operated business. It's so important for women to know they can be strong and independent, not just financially but in every part of their life."

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