M.A.B.E. Apparel

M.A.B.E Apparel (from the team that brought you Star Mela)
was founded in 2019 by two friends. The label is named after co-founder Kirstine’s grandmother Mabel; a Danish artist, designer and muse. Going by the nickname ‘Mabe’, she was renowned for a colourful, bohemian style and carefree spirit. An adventurer at heart, Mabe travelled the globe collecting exquisite textiles and beautiful handicrafts to add to her eclectic wardrobe.
Their ethos has always been about combining strong partnerships with their suppliers and insisting on a truly ethical stance. They have a close affinity with their suppliers and they truly value their extraordinary skills. M.A.B.E.’s quantities will always be limited meaning that their pieces are iconic and they have never wavered from their promise of providing beautiful natural fibres with ease of fit and form. They truly believe that every piece should be a forever fashion item bold in its design but with an artisan, handcrafted feel to treasure. Pieces that you will wear time and time again.
Caring for the planet doesn’t mean that they are humourless and serious. M.A.B.E. designs are fun, the fabrics floaty and the vibe is free spirited but they believe their strong ethical stance enhances what they do.
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