Loretta Caponi

In a story that blends Italian art and craftsmanship, Loretta Caponi, the legend of Italian embroidery was born in 1924 in Fiesole.

Loretta was only 9 years old when, with great passion, she proved her love for that craft. But it was also a matter of need: first of four siblings she would help support her family by attending after-school a laboratory where she learned the fundamentals of the craft. At just fourteen, she delivered her first commissioned work.

By the early Fifties her creations found their way to Rome, met with great appreciation by the most sophisticated pundits. These same relationships made it possible to develop an even tighter link with the rich and noble clients from Rome, Florence, all the way to Milan: thanks to a lot of perseverance and a little luck, a high-ranking lady from Florence proposed to showcase her creations in Paris.

This is where she awed the first viewers by displaying a one-size turtleneck nightgown, using cotton, linen and silk, smock stitch and neck frills. Her innovative touch? Colorful patterns, stripes or flowers, very different from the pastel tones so much in vogue at the time.

Loretta, who passed away in 2015, left an ambitious heritage that is projected towards the future under the helm of her daughter Lucia Caponi, Creative Director, and her nephew Guido, the Company COO: developing new aims and business horizons, Loretta Caponi brand evolves beyond homewear.

A new prêt-à-porter collection bridges the Italian savoir-faire to dresses, skirts, pants and shirts. Gorgeous styles that go hand in hand with nightgowns, home linens and sets of timeless charm. 

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