Karla Colletto

For over 25 years, world-renowned designer Karla Colletto has redefined swimwear with every collection by using the latest innovations in synthetic fabrics and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Season after season, she blends this future forward thinking with her signature sense of whimsy to create designs that stretch the boundaries of swimwear.

By manufacturing each piece in-house to ensure a dressmaker-like quality and using only the most luxurious materials, Karla Colletto quickly created an haute niche for themselves in the market. It wasn’t long before the fashion elite and fashionistas alike discovered their bold, new world of aquatic couture.

Even after 25 years, Karla Colletto continues to manufacture all of their swimsuits in America ensuring that each synthetic masterpiece is impeccably crafted down to the last detail. Season after season, new innovative textile after new innovative manufacturing technique, Karla Colletto continues to defy the swimwear status quo and make women around the world feel fashionably fabulous donning little more than a swimsuit.

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