Hunza G.

Originally born as Hunza in 1984 under the direction of Peter Meadows, the label enjoyed huge success with its signature, unique crinkle-stretch fabrication and high-cut leggy designs.
The Hunza dress became an iconic piece, with Julia Roberts wearing it in Pretty Woman.
Hunza G is now a British designed and produced sustainable swimwear label, helmed by Creative Director Georgiana Huddart. Her background in fashion publication and interior design coupled with a love for the heritage crinkle fabric originally worn by herself throughout her youth, brings us today’s Hunza G as we know it.
With roots in the eighties and strong knowledge of design, Hunza G sets out to provide swimwear for all - a one size fit inclusive approach made possible by the fabric’s inherent stretch and support, key to the wearability; providing strong, flattering shapes for a wide range of body types.
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