Helen Jon

At Helen Jon, they value developing products that help women live their lives most fully. They aim to create beauty in the world by inspiring women to tap into their own; their wisdom, their values, their dreams.

Fit, feel, quality, and excellent customer service are prioritized based on our vision.

They know that women come in different shapes, sizes, ages, and styles. Each of their silhouettes is fit at least seven times to make sure the Helen Jon Fit is something you can count on and love.

They use soft fabrics that feel good. The “touch” of our garments influences not only how they are worn, but how you feel when you are wearing them.

 Each Helen Jon piece is made with the utmost of care, an unparalleled attention to detail, and a commitment to deliver the very best. They are part of the slow fashion movement – their goal is for our pieces to be worn year after year, with a focus on environmentally-thoughtful fabrics.

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