Figue gives you that sunny-day joie de vivre every time you slip on one of their impossibly chic, extravagantly adorned pieces. Their bold, fizzy collections are inspired by the iconic society playgrounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s: Positano, Acapulco, Marrakech, Sardinia. Dreamy, idyllic, exotic and a little indulgent.

Figue’s textiles carry an international pedigree; they’re lovingly and sustainably produced by artisans all over the planet—from Italy to India to Bolivia and beyond.

Figue was invented by Stephanie Von Watzdorf in 2012, after she worked in design at Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent and Tory Burch. Von Watzdorf brought her personal style, her wanderlust and her international eye to the label, gaining a cult following of fashionable woman. 

Liz Lange was president of that fan club, figue-uratively speaking. She made that role official in 2020 when she acquired the label and became its chief executive officer and creative director.

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