Carolina K

Coming from a family lineage of textiles and design that started in Bolivia and then Argentina, Carolina Kleinman utilized her extensive knowledge in the industry combined with her background in music to inspire and establish her own namesake brand in 2005.
After traveling the world with her husband and children, Carolina and her family settled in the magical town of Tepoztlan, Mexico where she started to work with cooperatives of artisans. Her family continued to travel to La Paz, Bolivia, and Peru and she combined the traditional work of these cultures into her brand as well.

As a pioneer in sustaining the craft of hand embroidered details made authentically by artisans from remote regions of Mexico and Peru, Carolina’s embroidery methods and her distinctive prints have become a key signature of her brand.

Presently, Carolina and her family are settled in Miami, FL where she set up her design studio and atelier. This allows her to stay close to the artisan communities in Latin America.

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