Louis Vuitton City Guide Los Angeles:

Permanent Vacation

It's a pleasure to inform you that your establishment Permanent Vacation has been selected to feature in the Louis Vuitton City Guide Los Angeles ! Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has instilled its nomadic nature into its City Guides and proposed a selection that is as specialized as it is individual. Completely updated, Los Angeles is enriched this year with new addresses, following in the wake of Chicago, Bangkok, Istanbul, Madrid, Miami, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Shanghai and Venice. The mobile application, available on iPhone and iPad, offers the entire catalogue of cities and covers thousands of regularly-updated addresses. The digital versions of the Paris and Shanghai City Guides are available for free on the App Store. You will find attached a complete presentation of the collection. To buy our City Guides, please contact your nearest Louis Vuitton store, visit our website louisvuitton.com or call our Clients services on +1 866 884 8866. I hope that our City Guides will accompany your future trips !

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