Moroccan Mint Green Glass Candle Bowl

Moroccan Mint Green Glass Candle Bowl


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Moroccan Mint Green Glass Candle Bowl


With herbal tones of sweet spearmint, bergamot peel and damask rose, everything about the Moroccan Mint scent says let’s slow down and appreciate the moment.

Stunning statement candle filled to the rim in a 34 oz beldi glass bowl. Working with the Kessy Beldi company from Morocco, Mer Sea has married their beautiful handmade glassware with their hand-poured candles to create one-of-a-kind artisan pieces. Made from recycled cola, beer, and wine bottles we present the umber, green and clear glass Marrakesh Collection to you. We're certain you'll keep using it as everyday glassware and vases long after the candle is gone. From one-time use to full-time use, these glasses are unique ... reminding us of the artful beauty of handmade things.

Hand-poured in the USA

Our Take: Can't get enough of this scent