First Born

First Born is a luxurious Australian knitwear label with a deep ethical philosophy.

First Born is about creating handcrafted pieces with luxurious comfort and
directional style without compromise.

Focusing on fair trade, Karolina and the label, support the talented local weavers, artists and people in the pre- Andean mountains and provinces of Argentina. Preserving ancestral traditions and providing fair labour and working conditions.
All fibres are sourced locally and 100% Natural and luxurious.

All pieces are made by Hand making the production low in energy and high in human touch.
Most pieces have a story behind them - an energy, experience and preciousness which comes from the history of creating something by hand and over a long period of time.

Each First Born Knitter does it out of love.
Therefore there is a positive energy in the knitwear which then translates to you.
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