Elisamama was founded at the intersection of a love for joyful, functional and stylish kids’ and women's clothing and the heart to make a difference in Nigeria. Founder Fisayo is a mother of three and a native of Nigeria. She has witnessed firsthand the struggle that many in Nigeria face. While talented and eager to work, over 50% of the population are either unemployed or underemployed, and unable to afford the most basic needs for daily life. Elisamama is her contribution towards working on a solution to this problem.  

Through Elisamama, her goal is to build a successful business that creates joyful, stylish, easy-to-wear clothing while also providing a path towards economic empowerment for Nigerian artisans through jobs and skills training. All of their items are handmade in Nigeria by a team of local artisans. With every purchase, their team of artisans are able to earn consistent income to support themselves and their families. 

While the heart of the business mission is to provide jobs, skills training and consistent income for local artisans, they recognize that they can only accomplish those goals through the success of their core business—making quality clothing. Their clothes are designed with comfort, function and style at the forefront. When wearing their clothes, Fisayo wants to ensure that you feel confident, look stylish, and can easily transition from one activity to the other in the same outfit.

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